Hi, I’m Det.

Bad news! Big boss of thief already dominated the world and the effect is all the things are lose. This situation make everyone panic! With President of world command, so I should solve the problem and make it back like the first time!
I need your help, let’s help me to adventure for solving this mystery!

How to play

C’mon! you can be the part of mystery adventurer!

Pay attention! 

Pay attention with every available components, such as category, clue and amount of alphabet from the answer that you’ll answer. All of that will be connected to answer the question!

Imagine and Connect!

Try to connect and imagine the connection of the components to be an object.this object can be activities, foods, things, creatures, or etc..

Solve the mystery!

After know the answer, let’s solve the mystery. You’ll shock and be more adventurous when enter to others mystery. Have a nice play!


With this screenshot let’s muster the power to defeat Big Boss and solve the mystery!

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